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Due to some reasons I am unable to write my short stories but I regularly read lot of new writers writing and found the essence to explain this 2 most widely used words.

By looking at this 2 words anyone might say both are the same even the google says that love is little wider than like but it is finding it harder to explain so I thought what is wrong in putting my efforts in justify'in this 2 words.

According to me WE CAN LIKE LOT OF THINGS, PERSONS IN OUR LIFE BUT CAN'T LOVE ALL OF THEM Because love definitely happens only when we like something or someone but like doesn't last long it changes whereas if we love something it will stay in our hearts till our demise.

Sometimes we get confused and use this 2 terms in such a manner that the one who hears that assume something else. For instance in my few social media accounts leaving Facebook and Twitter I get lots of girls video with heading I LOVE YOU.

This is not only received by me but when I look into my friends accounts, I see the same types of videos with same heading. It is nothing to get confused, the person who uploads the video wants followers and increased views so to gain attention they do that but they don't understand if it goes wrong it might bring results which might not sound good and something tough to express.

I feel IN OUR LIFE SPAN WE MIGHT LIKE COUNTLESS PEOPLES WHOM WE MIGHT REMEMBER OR MIGHT FORGET For instance let be myself, lot of them looking at my writing may like my style but as time passes, more writers and their writings might impress you and you people may forget me.

But when IT COMES TO LOVE WE CAN LOVE ONLY FEW, WHOM WE CAN EASILY COUNT AND WILL LOVE TO REMEMBER THROUGH OUT OUR LIVES. For instance ALMIGHTY GOD, parents, lovable husband and wife, sister and brother or someone related to us more important to us than ourselves without whom we feel that our life is meaningless.

I am saying this things because I find that nowadays the term LOVE isn't used as it should be. I find lots of them using it without knowing it's value, on one side they lose their values and on another side they spoil the meaning of the term LOVE.


  • I totally agree, but likes dont always have to change. I have always liked vanilla ice cream, for example, and that hasnt changed in my lifetime, and it sure wont change anytime soon (I like milder flavours of icecream such as vanilla, sweet cream, coconut etc.). So, although likes CAN change (I used to like white chocolate, but despise it now), they dont always.

    Dec 15, 2018

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