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Today I have traveled back home. It was a long journey, and the weather was cold and rainy. I just hate currying jackets because they over burden me. I keep postponeding  the date of travelling, not because I hate home but am always allargic to journies.

I arrived at the bus station at around 11:00 am. Trying to listen to the touts for direction. One tout shouted the bus was about to take off, unfortunately it was already full. So I had to wait for the next. I do love days like this when there is no task waiting for me. So I am not in a harry to do anything. I just stood there admiring beautiful ladies passing.

It didn't take long before the next bus approached hooting. I lifted my bug and borded. I sported one seat near the window. I tried to rush towards it because I enjoy the fresh air, unfortunately two ladies took the seats before me. They were beautiful, but because of my shyness I decided to take another seat behind them.

It was a nice opportunity for me to admire  their soft skin, well kept hair, smooth voices and their body shapes. They took my attention by their stories.

They talked about how they would hart their boyfriends and how they were about to get better ones. I guess they were university students from what I understood from their talk. I don't know much about girl talk but this made me hate dating young girls.I cant afford having a girlfriend who only dreams of going to picknicks and fun trips. But thanks, they made my journey interesting.

In a suprice I realized that we had already arrived in town. My mind switched to a different topic.I got disappointed buy the long traffic. I turned my face to the window looking at the busy people working amid the rain. They did not seem to care. I understand that if they do not work, they will have nothing to take back home.this makes me regret any day that I have been lazy. It didn't take long before the bus arrived at the station. I was quick to  alight, thanking God for the safe journey.


  • Dec 14, 2018

  • very nice but spelling mistakes

    Dec 14, 2018

  • There are some spelling and noun pluralization errors. Good though.

    Dec 15, 2018

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