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What's in our heads? What is it that is our decision maker? Our minds. It's our minds that are the beauty from within our skulls. I'm not saying that our minds are beautiful. It's what our minds can achieve that endows it with majestic beauty. It is what we do that displays our beauty. Not what we think. Thinking is secreted from our vision. Actions are not. The fact that mere beauty exists in our heads is unbelievable. It doesn't matter if you are physically different- whether you are tall, short or bald. Each individual on this planet can achieve what they think they can...that seems scary at first, but it is also the real beauty that can control your actions...

It doesn't matter if your hair glistens under the sun and you have outer beauty. It's the inner beauty that has kept us here today. I can see the beauty of my mind. It may have strengths. It may have limitations...however there is nobody or nothing on this perplex planet that can call my mind or your mind weak. Nothing. Our minds are credentials encased in our heads that further our chances of success. Our minds are beautiful. Our minds are intelligent enough to have unique interests and that there, is mindful beauty...


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