Monsters Inside Me Read Count : 2

Category : Books-Fiction

Sub Category : Thriller

Aaron, an 18 year old boy goes to Creek High. Bullied, with only few friends, and a huge crush on the most popular girl in school, Chloe Benneth, he finds that something is wrong. The day after he was bitten, In the middle of a normal class day, he goes into a coma. With a few minutes he begins to seizure foaming at the mouth. None knows what's going on. Until he wakes up the monster inside changes him forever.



(This is not based on a true story and is not a story based on the show. {Monsters Inside Me} It isn't copyright [I swear] it's fiction, and has nothing to do with the show ;3 So it's all clean from here)

Coming out now! 

P.S. This was only a description of what will be happening in the story. :P


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