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So you think you are like me? Have you spend years in a cage? Banging your fist on the floor as you try to put the words on a page?

"It passes." "You just have to live through it."

Can you understand the horror? Of being forced to be the actor? Do you think your opinions play a factor?

"Living is hard." "I am not worth it."

I am lost without you. I want to say so much and make you see me again but how do I persue? With this pain I will never be able to subdue?

"Your just wanting pity." "Are you ok?"

I hold the gun and ask why? Dont you see it's all a Lie? Even with open eye I can't see the sky? So why would I believe I shouldn't die?

"Why cant you let me go?" We were done long ago."

With the life we had I for my saviour. We were all that I love like my favorite flavor. And when you left you acted like it was for me you did the favor.

"What about your son?" "Will you leave him too?"

He is so much better than me. He is all I can see. And yes you can blame me. I didnt do this to hurt him cant you see? And I am sorry if you disagree.

"You are not alone." "Dont you see your friends?"

It's like talking to walls. Even with people in the halls. All of my hope and dreams falls. All I have is the holes in the walls.

"Please stay." "Its not over."

You think I am this way by design? I was fine when you where mine. But you crossed that line. And now I must decline. Because I am just "Fine".

"Where are you?" You haven't msged me lately."

You aren't broken like me. The light you can see. From the pain and sorrow you are free. Even as I plea. So all you must do is say goodbye to me.


  • Dec 13, 2018

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