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(Circa 2007)

Close your eyes
And envision the perfect life thru your heart
Devotion, respect, and trust
Would be the bond insuring your love would never be ripped apart

Now, open your eyes
To twin windows
The outside world expose one’s whole existence
One’s entirety, the soul

Open your eyes
To corny jokes just to make and see you smile
To hugs just to embrace you tightly
To kisses just because you’re beautiful
To smiles, to turn your red days blue

To phone calls expressing devotion through-out the day
To walks, hand and hand through-out the park
To roses just because it’s Tuesday
To promises, of never lying, cheating, or tearing you apart

To a shoulder for you to lean on
To a house for you to call home
To a hand always there for you to hold
To a wholesome body there so you’ll never forced to be alone

To cool nights spent under the cherry moon
To sunny days staring each other in the eyes kissing on beaches
To sick days being catered to
To a lifetime of being saturated in devotion filled speeches

To songs dedicated to you from choruses to verses
To dances, embracing stares from eye to eye
To an honest use of three words, “I Love You”
To a heart that will remain yours until it dies…

Open your eyes
To see a mind, body and soul
That would work for the most riches to spend a lifetime
And every piece of love they possess, to ensure your love’s puzzle completion

They would die a thousand times
Initiate a war only to fight Satan himself
Beg outside of cupid’s door
Give you every compliment and more, to be adored

They would hold you in warmth when your cold
Fan you in all your needs when you’re hot
Protect you when you’re scared
Be your teddy bear when your lonely
Be your butler when you’re busy

They would wash the clothes
Wash the dishes
Run your bubble bath
Then wash you with pure love, showering you in kisses

They would love you throughout the good
Through-out the bad, the ugly and the fights
Agree with you when you’re wrong
Agree with you when you’re right

They would remember your favorite song
Remember your favorite color
Your favorite number, food, place and holiday
They would remember every anniversary and birthday

They would promise you the world
They would die to give it to you
They would find forever, if you call yourself their girl
Woman, significant other, better half, wife, beauty, life

Close your eyes
From all the demons loving you out of lust
And open your heart, to see the highest bidder of your precious toll
The highest bidder, me, myself and I, promising every noun, adjective, and verb
In dedication to you, with every drop of my mind, body and soul

Open your eyes
…To somebody who loves you


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