Aspen Heights #1 Read Count : 3

Category : Books-Fiction

Sub Category : Adventure

A cry erupted from deep inside an infested, disease-ridden forest. A pale, sickly woman lovingly held a babe in her frail arms. She held it up to her weak body as if it were the last time she would. Her face managed to pull into a smile as she rocked the baby gently. The baby's cooing eventually silenced as it fell asleep. The mother took in a shaky, shallow breath and coughed out ever abundant blood as she thought about the last year. She wheezed and she heaved as she remembered her former self. She put her baby on the raggedy bed next to her and went limp, puss and blood oozing from the tears in her thin, wrinkly body. Her last words were, Was I wrong?



  • Dec 12, 2018

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