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Category : Books-Fiction

Sub Category : Drama

The grim grey walls maliciously 

stared at me as I curled up in the corner on the cold concrete floor-my fear had endowed me with pragmatic ways of which I couldn't ever approve as my life was drastically flushed down the drain. Everything I had. Everyone I had. Gone. Gone like a gust of wind from the heavens above-something I had immense trouble in believing in at this point as my livelihood was blown away. The eery atmosphere sent a peculiar chill down my spine; I feared the worst. I feared the worst like my best friend did before that blade was jammed into him-my life flashed before my deep blue eyes as I could see this cell becoming my habitat until I croke. I am innocent. My best friend however, is not...


  • Dec 12, 2018

  • Dec 13, 2018

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