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Hello,  I have a request to make... 

As you probably know I'm creating a series called "Forbidden"  and I know for a fact it's not the best, there's a lot of work to be done for this story to even be considered entertaining. That's why I'm asking for your help! 

My request is... 

After I write a chapter may you please give me some feedback? 

I say this because I want to know what I'm doing wrong and how I can fix this,  I want to make this series entertaining for the people reading it.  I also want to personally improve my writing skill,  I know I won't go far In writing but it is a big hobby of mine so I'd like to improve e this hobby as much as possible,  but I can't do that without help.  Other then my dad I'm the only one that likes me and me and my dad aren't on the best terms so It would be awkward if I were to ask him for help, that's why I'm asking you guys for your advice. Please help if you can.. 


  • I see your passion in this post but i also see doubt and insecurity. Throw that doubt and insecurity aside and let your passion lead the way. Have faith in your ability and believe in yourself. Write your story with confidence and put it in here. I'll be happy to read it 💜

    Dec 12, 2018

  • Dec 12, 2018

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