The Battle Read Count : 7

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Sub Category : Suspense/Mystery

         My heart was ripping apart. There was a force compelling me to do it. Just one; I would be okay; I just want to try it; I can stop whenever I want. The human nature is dominated by curiousity, so what am I doing wrong? IT was feeding lies to my soul and my heart. Drugs. The name was terrifying, but safe all the same. Drugs. My heart beat in my chest rebelliously, testing the limits, almost leaping out. Drugs. I reached out suddenly, and then violently snapped my arm to my side. Drugs.... 

         The world was fading away..... My eyes clamped shut... fear filled my head; enveloped my mind....distant shrieks filled with, almost drowning in, immense desperation started to appear from every direction; crevice; corner.... volume growing every past second.... Realizations filling my head.....: 

THIS IS PERMANENT. My heart thumped "I can stop whenever i want.... 

FOREVER. "Just one" 


         Tears slipped down my cheeks. I shuddered thinking how close I had been to death. Fear and anxiety met and a storm cloud formed, floating over the delta of my soul. The battle was over... I would live another day, and without influence. I might have escaped with my life today, but my curiosity was ever growing.... It would be so easy... Seem so harmless... To just grab one.... Just one.... Swallow it... and forget...

         "Ally? Are you alright? Why are you crying?"





  • Dec 11, 2018

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