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Gone. Dreading. 
Holding on, to what? Nothing?
How do we move on? Can we?
Do I need to let go? Do I push through?
Is it time? I love him. 
How? Who? When will it change? 
How long will it take for him to let go?

Overthinking. Lost. Alone.
Dreamer and keeper. 
I want, I need.
Introvert on overload
Too much noise, too many people.
Can't stand, lost function, need time, and space.

Let go? Pull through? 
Help me, I've fallen into dreamless clouds.
I'm stuck in a mud hole with the devil.
He's weighing me down. 
But I did nothing wrong, he's holding me back.
He's alone, he wants me to save him.

But I can't.


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