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Before you read: this is my story that is meant for others to take something out of it. For readers to take some motivation, and know they are worth something to the world. For readers to know they are special, and that bullies don't define that!

In second grade I moved for my first time. Before the first day, I was super excited to make new friends. Then on the first day of school, the first thing someone said to me was, "hey, what's with your face?" they thought something tragic had happen to me that caused my face to look the way it does. But really it was just the way I was born. Comments like that kept coming up, and in that year I was all alone.

Then in 3rd grade it got worse. Do you know what the "cheese touch" is? Well it was pretty much like that. Only it was called the "zoey touch." pretty much if you touched me, you had to touch someone else in a certain amount of time, or you have some sort of "deadly disease. Of course that wouldn't actually happen, but they acted like it did. So that year I was alone as well.

         In fourth grade, there was this guy named hunter. He was the guy who invented the zoey touch. Everyday when the teacher left the room, he'd make a joke like, "who's the stupidest girl here?" he'd ask the whole class, then he'd say "ZOEY!" and everyone would laugh. I never told the teachers about any of which was going on. But that year, I did make a friend. We weren't that close, but at least I wasn't alone.

         In fifth grade. People started pushing me, saying I didn't matter. At this point the zoey touch wasn't a thing anymore, becuase it was more fun pushing me. They called me fat, the said I should be chopping down trees like beavers do. They called me ugly, they said I belonged in the woods with the other beavers.

       In sixth grade it was pretty much the same as fifth. Except they started taking my things, and never gave them back. They said I wasn't worthy of them, and that beavers aren't supposed to have them. And then I started getting bullied by adults. I wanted to play basketball, just like my brothers and sisters did. But the coaches didn't let me practice the drills, and didn't let me play in games. They never gave me a chance becuase of the way I looked. Every night I went home crying, each night begging my parents to drive me to and from school the next day. Each night they said no. Eventually I couldn't take it anymore. I started atacking, hitting, pushing, swearing at them, ect. They'd say, "see, she's an animal! Put her in the woods where she belongs!" and everyone would laugh.

       At the end of that year we moved. Now I live in a new town, and just started 7th grade here. So far everyone is nice. And I write this story becuase I want people who are bullied to know they are not alone. Now I know how special and beautiful I am. And that I don't need to fit others descriptions of beauty becuase then I'm not happy with me. Which means I'm not happy with God's creation, me, but I am happy. Happy of the re-start I have at this new school. And happy because I finally saw the beauty inside of me. I still hVe anger issues and anxiety from all the trauma of being bullied. But the whole experience made me the strong beautiful person I am today. And the same person I was the while time. I was blinded by the hurtful words of the bullies, that I stopped seeing beauty.

To bullies: they'll forgive you. I have forgiven my bullies, but you have to show that you can earn that forgiveness.

To victims: don't be blinded by they're words. Becuase they're blind if they don't see the beauty you already contain. :) 


  • thanks for sharing happy you found a way to love yourself. i wish you all the best

    Dec 11, 2018

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