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Before I wreck it let me take a second to rappers fuck you for this I'll be more memorable then a kiss and you'll wish I was just that... Popping pills to take the pain away but have a chance to not see another day oh please listen what have to say please stay have for another day there will be a better way, seeing limp bodies in streets when they should be in the sheets is terrifying to think about I'd be in bed without a doubt but I also don't have the clout you can't take away the pain with just cain. Mind meltdown with your family frowning down why you do this? In agony cause of you cranial cavity, living in a society that endorse this behavior when now we have a crater in the family tree who knew pain could come from a seed. Weed is pleasant with ones you trust but if you don't they lay your shit with rust because they suss something up, got tripping with a gaze but from the bed I was rised I don't feel out of my mind took it as a bad sign cause it was acting out of line but in their eyes I didn't crime cause I almost flatlined


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