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     On one’s last hour, it can’t be helped if you reflect on your life. Is this melodramatic? Yes, but I feel that it’s necessary. I stand in a clearing alone, staring up at the full moon as it shines its soft light down on me. I check the time on my phone, 12:05 AM. He should be in bed by now. I’ve often seen the time 11:11 or 12:34 on clocks. 

     Those numbers are ingrained into my psyche. I know why 11:11 is, it’s the date I came to this planet, the day my life started. My mission here began then, the people of this planet cured a disease that has been massacring my people for years. I was the only one born resist to the disease, which meant I had to be sent here alone in hopes of finding the cure for my people. Selfish of them, but necessary. Its fortunate our people look similar minus subtle differences and are genetically the same. Equal species, from two different worlds. 

     When my pod's door opened, a full moon greeted me with its glow, and the stars lead me to the nearest town. My time here was always limited. A few years after I land, my ride will be here to take me back. I ended up not needing years, not even a month. It took me twelve days to find the cure. Apparently, the disease is common here and is cured with over the counter medicine. My world saved with just $6.99. It was at the counter that I met him.

     Too many, he would have looked regular, but his image struck me deep. I went back three times to buy the medicine. All I need is one bottle, but I kept going back. That’s when he spoke to me. My fourth visit I finally plunge the knife and asked him out for coffee. Selfish, but necessary. He welcomed me with his glow and guided me through this world. My journey became ours. 

     He was the only person who knew who I was and my life’s mission. We became balanced, each having equal footing in each other’s presence. It became apparent then to the both of us that this was only temporary. With every day passing, our time together waned. If I must leave, then I wanted to go with no regrets. 

     On March fourth, we had a wedding at noon. Soon after, I made another selfish decision, I gave birth to my son. When I first saw him, his light was blinding but radiate with a beauty that rivaled any star I've seen. I wanted to bask in the illumination for as long as I could. 

     Years passed until the date finally came. November eleventh, now I stand here alone in a clearing. He knows why I must leave, that this was only temporary, and that I intend to return, but It will be a long time until I do. I have to do this alone, and he gets that. I don’t worry about him, but I do for my little one. Will my light understand why I left? Will he forgive me when I return? Will I still be able to remember his radiance even when we are far apart?

     A light beams above me, overpowering the glow of the moon. I must leave, selfish but necessary. This moment my mission is complete, and my life ends. I check the time once more before I go. 12:34 AM


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