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Can you imagine how it feels to suddenly be invisible to the world you knew? Watching it through glass impermeable to your cries of anguish and pain. Some that truly cared on the other side may notice you for a moment, but are then assured you are only a figment of their imagination. 

Discovering your ostracism to be invisibile was carefully planned and carried out efficiently and ruthlessly by those you trusted most brings numbness to the core. 

From the numbness a fire breaks out and consumes all you once were. A phoenix, more dangerously beautiful than ever imagined, arises from the ashes to destroy the world that sentences innocence to invisibility. 

Nature will always balance. She will not suffer the foolish long.


  • your writing captures my attention, and let's me feel the pain of the neglect and invincibility.

    Dec 10, 2018

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