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The more I wake up a lone the more I start to learn more about my self such how strong I am , what really want out of life . There's moments I wake up lonely and feel that there's no one for me out there to me  . The next moment I wake up ready to conquer the world and all my fears at the same time. I get so lonely that i cry a river . I get so lonely that I feel that I am always fighting all the battles by myself when I should have the support I desire the most in the world.  I cry out why do I have no one holding my hand or holding me while a fall apart . I hate how you walk out and forgot about our son who needed his daddy . I know he's hard I know he's a challenge but him having autism isnt excuse to forget who needed you the most . 


  • Maurice  Beres

    Maurice Beres

    Unfortunately-another Gutless example You do what you do out of love and responsibility

    Dec 10, 2018

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