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At some moments we don't know what future brings to us. But we only keep building these ideas about a successful future,  not only me who thinks like that but whenever I meet people I always find them worrying about them life's them future and also alot of things .

-one day I was going out as usual to a place that I study o

On it and after studying I always sit on the same place and wait for the bus. Then suddenly I get to know new people. Some of them are fighting just to get a job and some of them are waiting for someone just to take them hands and help them. And some of them are just looking for love. But the only person that changed my mind about life is a women that she was holding her kids close to her I decided to ask her  and my question was does the bus go from her and she answered me yes then she started to ask me what I do at my life.  And I answered saying that I'm just a student at University. I asked her your so young and u have kids why did you decided to get married at  a young age then she started to tell me her story 

-the girl: I was young without a family living with my grandma my grandma was so sick and a person asked me for marriage and my grandma decided to give me to him even I didn't want to get married so after some years of marriage I discovered that I have 4 kids and I'm divorced can't even give them food or build a house for them.living at a garage and asking people just to help me to pay the depths and bring some food for kids

- I was gonna start crying but I decided to stay strong and hold myself and also didn't want her kids to see me crying 

On my mind I was saying she only want food for her kids and a house that it's hard thing to do or make in our nowadays. Life has become more harder than we use to thought about it 


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