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I had this strange difficulty in deciding whether both mother and wife are the same and or different. So I thought it is better to take the help of Google to decide the truth. 

Actually this is not my idea, I recently read a story written by one of the writer in this outlet and he suggested that people often show virgin MARY completely covered from top to bottom because it might make the followers lured with lust if shown as a beautiful model. 

Now I don't know about that SAINT MARY but it is true that nowadays world has become so sinister that even many of them turn monsters looking at beautiful girls. Even to my dismay I found many son mother relationships getting too intimate nowadays which I feel ashamed. 

But what the writer has written in the end by saying that even if virgin MARY comes in front of him as VENUS won't make him lustrous and would offer the same respect to her is really astonishing but as everyone says the same thing but who has the POWER TO ORGINALLY WIN THE TEMPTATION IS ALL IT MATTERS. 

I am running short of time, so goodbye and will explain it further tomorrow in my next post. 


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