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~ I find it rather difficult to place my feelings into spoken words. Even when I do, I often feel as though I'm still not truly understood or heard.   

But the fire that I possess from within ignites when one of my hands holds a piece of paper & in the other, a pen. 

I come alive at night; I begin to rise when I write poetry about my perception of life. 

My soul is lifted and my mind is cleared when I explore the side of me that is artistic. It's like breathing in fresh air.

The slow stroke of a pen or pencil whose ink or led moves smoothly across the page is as beautiful to me like ocean waves drifting on a warm summer's day.

It's clear to me that in order to live in this crazy and chaotic world, you must have faith, strength, patience, hope or even something you believe to be your purpose and are proud of like it's your superpower.
I believe my purpose is to empower myself and help to bring a positive change to the world by being a writer.

I'm not the best writer in the world and I don't know who holds that title, but I'm proud of everything I've ever written and with every poem or story added to my name, it gives me a feeling of victory as if I won a battle.

As I grow older and the more of life I begin to experience, my passion for writing will only get deeper and with time and persistence, I'll get better at it.

Sometimes I may hold my breath and bite my tongue when it's time to speak, but I can always find my confidence, strength, and voice with the help of the art of poetry. ~

Natasha & Poetry, by Natasha (ReneeRosešŸŒ¹) Moran


  • Dec 09, 2018

  • Dec 09, 2018

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