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Sorry my friend for my comments but to be frank I felt like borrowing ur title to explain few more things missed by u in ur writings. I feel u have done this for me, so let me see can I justify ur title. 

1. U have mentioned that Arab womans suffer more than other religious women more but u have forgotten one thing, according to me all ladies birth on earth seems like a curse. Just walk in the streets of any locality or just go into any public transportation, even into any mall, theatre or any place, for every 10 minutes I bet u will see a lady or girl getting harassed. It has become common, o I forgot one more place my favorite spot church, temples and other religious places, even this places rn't free. 

2. They talk about equal gender which only stays in the books but practically no one isn't interested in that. It is a eye wash. For instance during the time of nun swearing ceremony u find that there r rules like nuns shouldn't have long hairs, no makeup and lots more but for fathers I guess the rules r less( even the church authorities don't trust ladies, then why u go outside). 

3. Have u ever seen Mary as a beautiful woman no u will see her only as a lady with head covered by a scarf or cloth. If u ask anyone they will show it is respect but I say they r weak hearts, they know that if Mary is shown as beautiful virgin with long beautiful hairs this people won't accept her, so weak and lustful r each one's eyes but for him even if Mary appears as venus I don't have any problem, I would see her and respect her the same way, for me there is no difference between eve and Mary, at last Mary has got the jeans of eve or lilith, who knows. 

4. This peoples have made their gods and goddess and will accept them only in the form pictured by some artist. All the jesus Mary and utmost all of the pictures r artistic assumptions and those r not theirs original images,even the dress code is imaginary, nobody exactly knows whom wore what? Artists felt a white dot in a black sheet seemed more acceptable than a black dot on white paper and made each of those religious faces white clothes as if they haven't seen the color black at that time. 

5. It is those artists who felt ladies should cover their bodies because if a lady is painted nude men couldn't resist it but what is the point in covering ladies from top to bottom when u need to undress her for fulfilling ur lust. Starting from creation till now and even in the coming years ladies won't equal nor would get their equality because they r sealed as commodity of lust, if they truly want to acquire the so called equality in gender either they should acquire the power or else should simply shut their mouths and should accept everything that is carried on them by mens. 

I am not joking but this is the fact and for that one more evidence is jesus is coming, have anyone paid attention towards this words. Even in BIBLE also it says a man is coming and not a female why? Because females r incompetent or else even here also there is a sort of gender inequality. 



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    Dec 09, 2018

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