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This is a known topic but they are still many who aren't aware about the facts of the so called ARAB countries. If you ask the ladies from other countries, they might not know much and might simply say WOW IT IS A BEST PLACE TO LEAVE IN AND FURTHER THEY MIGHT EVEN RATE IT ONE STAR MORE THAN THEIR OWN COUNTRIES IN TERMS OF COMFORT AND MONEY VALUE but reality is not what it looks like. 

If you ever ask a Muslim lady about her life in UAE countries and other ISLAMIC countries defiantly they won't even rate it with a single star. 

Life in those Arabic countries is like a HELL for many ladies because all Muslim ladies in those countries have to wear headscarf compulsory if they are found neglecting it or even if they have forgotten to wear it accidentally, the Islamic law treats it has a major offense and you know what it does?

It offers 5 to 15 yrs of imprisonment for this silly reason. Haven't seen any countries so worster and inhuman like those but as GODOPEDIAOLOGY can only record but can't do anything in return, he prays ALMIGHTY GOD to very soon provide some sort of relief to those affected womens worldwide.

May GOD provide some sort of relief to those highly cursed places and help those idiotic men's in understanding that too soon the time would come when this types of incidents would be answered by a iron handed personality. 


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