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Moon light casted a shadow across the lake where we made love last, a place where only we know how to get to, when you said climb on my wings and we can fly together where lovers have no limits, we made dreams feel so real, the affection, the love we share was real, can't miss you cause you are always here with me in my heart, my husband, my world,  my best friend, could not have asked for more, I used not to believe in true love, until I met you, something about you, opened my eyes, I saw slear as the deep blue sky, you made me see that it is okay to love, hand and hand, walk with me until the end, our love will last forever, and to day we say goodbye, will kill me inside, I LOVE YOU FOREVER MORE


  • Dec 08, 2018

  • Dec 08, 2018

  • Dec 08, 2018

  • Maurice  Beres

    Maurice Beres

    In May be the once in a life that some never experience and it can carry you forever

    Dec 09, 2018

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