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I’m a little off the edge right now. Becca and I just had a heated argument, which has been happening a lot lately, but this one was by far the worst. When I say argument, I really mean me yelling at her for what she did wrong, while she stays calm or gets down on her knees and begs for my forgiveness. I usually keep my feelings bottled up and store them deep down where no one can find them, but I just couldn’t take it anymore. I just wanted to make her happy- I needed to make her happy, because she’s my little sister. Ever since dad died 2 years ago, mom has been a little spaced out lately. She hardly leaves her room anymore and when she does, it’s to go to the bathroom or to eat. Becca and I are convinced she forgot about us. This was okay for the first couple of weeks after dad’s funeral, but after a while it got really bad. I had to start to providing for our family- if you can even call it that anymore. I got a job, paid the bills, did the dishes every night, made sure there was always food on the table, all while I attended high school, which I barely passed. Kids tend to stay at the same level as their parents so my biggest fear, was that Becca would start to become like mom. She was only 12 when dad died along with mom’s mind. I tried my hardest to keep her happy. I loved her and I wanted her to have an amazing future even if it meant sacrificing my own. I made sure she studied, gave her money when she wanted to hang out with her friends, and I even let her use me as her personal chauffeur. Now it just seems like she’s taking advantage of me. It was Friday night, and on Fridays, we agreed that her curfew was 9 o’clock. Last night she came home at almost 2AM and left me worried sick, which ended up as that heated argument, the third one this week. She caused me to release all of my feelings that I’ve been keeping for so long- the feelings I held deep inside of me to protect her from seeing who I really was.


“Where were you? I was worried out of my mind!” I yelled angrily, not caring about the neighbors who I knew were going to call me later to complain about the noise.

“Jay, chill. I was only out with a couple of my friends for a few hours.” Becca replied nochantaly, which drove me even crazier.

“A few hours? You’re 5 hours past curfew! Do you know how scared I was when I checked the clock and saw that you weren’t walking up the porch steps?” I asked her but didn’t let her reply.

“I almost called the cops! I thought you were kidnapped or killed! I thought I lost you too!” My voice cracked at the end of my sentence and I knew she had heard it too.

“Look, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to be home so late. Adam, Madi, and I were at a party and I guess we just lost track of time. By the time the party ended, there weren’t any cabs available so we had to wait for Adam’s older brother to pick us up, which took almost an hour and I’m really, really, really sorry…..” She rambled on but I just ignored her pleads and kept a straight face on. She’s 14, what’s she doing at a party anyways. I guess that’s partially my fault, but I set the ground rules and made things clear. She followed all of my rules before, which fairly weren't a lot, so what makes them so different now?

“You know what Becca, I’m sorry too. I’m sorry that I’ve spoiled you the past two years. You’re selfish and inconsiderate. I bet you’re glad dad died and mom practically left, so you can do everything and anything you want. Now go to your room, were done here. I don’t want to talk to you right now, and don’t expect me to be Mr Chatterbox when you wake up.” I said sternly, without making eye contact.


I heard a knock on my door, which I was certain was Becca, wanting to talk, but I was not in the mood, especially since I had roughly 6 hours of sleep.

“I know you’re in there Jay. I know you’re not going to talk to me, but I need to talk to you. Are you still mad?” She questioned, which was honestly stupid. Of course I was still mad!

“Right now I’m kind of furious.”

“Well at least you’re talking to me. That’s a start.” She replied with a little hope as I got up from bed and barged through the door, knowing she was leaning on the other side.

“Where are you going Jay?” She scoffed as she got up off of the floor after being pushed down by the opening of the door. The nerve this little girl has. It’s a good thing she’s still my little sister or else she would have been out like a light by now. I am more mad than words could ever describe. She almost made me believe I had lost her too.

“I am either going out for ice cream, or to commit a heinous crime. I’ll decide in the car.”


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