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Chapter 10: the end of the story / birthday party for his wife 

Mike sid went back to Dubai with happy smile with his wife. Mike sid want surprise his wife about her birthday party and Mike sid  thinking about to go Miami surprise his wife for big birthday party. Mike sid says to Fatima let's go fly to Miami and I want surprise for sometime in Miami and because I love you so hard baby. Fatima says yeah I am going with you To Miami and have surprise baby. Mike sid says to Fatima the surprise is party I know someone lives in Miami. Fatima says who is your friend lives in Miami. Mike sid and Fatima they fly to Miami. The day come for her birthday party. Fatima open and she see her picture on birthday party and she love and she hung Mike sid so hard and she says I you love Mike sid you are my love. Mike sid his friends come to the birthday party they have good party and Fatima wearing bikini to swim in the pool with Mike sid and they have romantic birthday party together. The story end here because is good ending for Mike sid and Fatima end with happiness love. I am making remake for fly to Dubai after this story. The chapter 10 is last for this story. The chapter 10 end here.


  • I am making remake for fly to Dubai.

    Dec 08, 2018

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