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Sub Category : Fantasy

There are six elementals which are the strongest of there selected element in the nation they protect. These six elements are fire, water, earth, air, light and darkness. There are also three types of element users, fusionists(which bond with a grimware to gain power), spellcasters(which write spells in the air to draw out there power) and fusion casters(which can draw the power of spells and bond with a grimware). The protectes are chosen every five years by the nation leaders. This happens at a festival where people can show of there power and out of the ones willing to have them chose one to protect. Two elementals are chosen every twenty years or so, this turn into demon Lords or holy Knights. As the only God and the one who chose these are a fallen angel they chose one demon Lord and one holy Knight. These can chose a nation and become its second in command. This is because they gain significant power and knowledge. This chooses the fate of the world. 


  • Dec 08, 2018

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