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   Despite the efforts of the GOP trying to cover up their tracks, it appears the Democratic house has discovered a great deal of information. There's a great deal of information which has been released, relating to Mueller's investigation. One of which was the document, which was heavily redacted. Most people thought he was just trolling Trump, but recently today I would like to point out the piece of news which I've heard. It sounds like the house Judiciary Committee is turning over all of the testimonies from former Republican house and the people who have testified in Congress over what's been going on.

   Like many people, I simply want to know the truth about what's going on behind the scenes. If I'm a president, is threatening the people the United States then I want to know about it. As a citizen, it's my right to know if the leaders who are in my country are corrupt and threaten the very existence of our beliefs. I also tell a story to those who wonders why I consider myself a Christian Democrat. To start with, being a Christian really has nothing to do with your political ideals. Being a Christian is believing and the word of God, and the teachings that God presents to his people. This is not unlike many other people's beliefs. They're good teachings, and many people unfortunately abuse these types of teachings.

   But my beliefs are core to the issue of why my morals set me aside of the Republican Flock. Here's the reason why. Whenever I was a boy, I always disliked the way some people treated each other just over color of their skin. This came natural to me, and even at that time I didn't really know about Christian beliefs. Here's the thing, it isn't a Christian's duty to judge a person. We all commit our sins, and there's nothing we can really do to stop ourselves from it. Our goal shouldn't be to completely eliminate sin. That's not our responsibility, it's too actually trying to keep ourselves from committing that sin. Nobody's Nobody is perfect, and we all have our differences. We should do our best not to judge each other based on everything that's wrong with each other.

   When Donald Trump, was first elected into office I was suspicious of him from the start. It was because of his continuous attacks on the opposition which bothered me. And the even to this day instead of dealing with the problems of the country, he continues to attack his opposition. Yes I have bias against the president, but the reason for that bias is because of natural beliefs. If you refuse to step forward about certain things, it can only be assumed that you are hiding something. Those who inherently lash out, at their opposition are often guilty. I just hope his base can come to realize he's playing them like a guitar.


  • Dec 07, 2018

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