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(plz watch first ep before the 2nd one so u can understand easly‚̧)...

Bella start thinking about this all but she dont want to ruin her mood by thinking about this all.So now ,she just take a deep breath and calm herself and closed her eyes and thinking about doing her best and working woth her full heart and it doesnt matter how hard the word will be...after thinking about this all she was smiling maybe because she have a faith in herself. no the otherside,John was so curious about bella and he was keep on say " what kind of girl was she ? Ad will ypu believe that girl never get to know a big superstar like me she is really a hopeless girl and she said who do you think you are? whaaaaat really i do i think i am come on ... adam say something what do u think about that hopeless girl" Adam replied "look, i think she is really a little girl who lokes to watch cartoon and all that stuff haha u know,twinkle twinkle. Anyways leave her lets just focus on work. For now go get some rest at home and yes i almost forget that u asked me for a house-work helper they already called me (company) i think they will snd u a girl for a soon jhon shook his head in yes "hmm" ok his director drop him off at home. On the other side, bellas car also stop at a very beautifull place and there were a silence everywhere, that was kind of a good thing a man was standing on another side of a road,wating for some one(seems like he was waiting for bella because when the car stops he went towards the car) Bella take loggage bag from the car that man get closer a descent piont and introduce himself to bella 

Mr Steward: I am Steward are u Bella 

bella: yes i am bella do i know u

Mr Steward: I have come here from the company "remember"? 

Bella: Ohh yes,yes

Mr Sreward: lets go

(bella started to follow her.He brought her to small but beatifull house when they get into that house Steward told bella that is is the house where u gonna work i hope u will do ur best and carefull too bella was confused that why he said to be carefull is there any monster leaving there haha while this all, a boy with good muscles and with good height come closer to them and girl starting to think "why he looks soo familier" And when he come near to her she was soo shocked to see that he was guy who is insulted by her (OMG he is john dexter the faomus singer) she was really very embaraced to see this situation. john pretended like he just dont care what was happened to him the Mr Steward was thinking that Bella must be excited after all she is going to work for a superstar) Mr Steward take their permission to leave 



 let me know what will u guys do if u would be bella?

a) pretend not to know any thing 

b) try to explain the situation

c) ignore him and focus on work


  • Better to episode 1.

    Dec 08, 2018

  • Ayesha  Rajpoot

    Ayesha Rajpoot

    i am glad you like this one

    Dec 08, 2018

  • Dec 10, 2018

  • I love it. check out my stories DIMENSIONAL SOULS

    Dec 20, 2018

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