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Nasa is the destination

Lets start imaginaton

To reach our goal

Lets peep into the black hole

                   planets are like cricket ball

                   Earth is a shopping mall

                  God is the creator of universe

                  lets try to inverse

space is big the hall

lets explore it first of all

we are not creator not destroyer

we are just employer

            sun is very much far from here

            lets go and live there 

            never be bore

            lets go there and explore

using physics and chemistry

lets see planets mistry

Earh is like sphere

we all are Engineer

                       our planet is earth 

                       we took here birth

                       don't try to polute

                       I give Nasa a great solute

Nasa always try

Never seems to cry

Thanks for giving a chance

If I succeed I like to dance

        Vita rakshan is our planet name

        just like Earth does same to same

        there is no need of Introduction

   It is called as means of life protection


  • Madhuranjan Thakur

    Madhuranjan Thakur

    very nice

    Dec 07, 2018

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