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I hate getting in the shower most days

Cause this water isn't rinsing away the pain.

Is it possible to love yourself and still have ways

To pick at your insecurity until you're insane?

Only if my family had better genes

Then maybe I'll be happy in my skin.

Maybe I'll look like him in these expensive jeans

Which make my legs look entirely too thin.

The only thing this soap is cleaning is my body

Cause it sure as Hell isn't cleansing my mind.

If it every does then I could let go of this insecurity

And have the confidence to be someone’s beautiful find.

I hate getting in the shower so much.

It takes me down a rabbit hole of emotions.

I'm not Alice this gives no rush.

The water makes me feel like I'm drowning in an ocean


  • A S

    A S

    Annnnnnd when does Alice in Wonderland come in?

    Dec 07, 2018

  • Dec 07, 2018

  • Relatable and well put.

    Dec 17, 2018

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