Forbidden Chapter Two :The Demon Within (part Two) Read Count : 7

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Sub Category : Romance

Remember to go check out the other chapters so your all caught up! 

Xinivraes eyes shot open once she notice Sebastian, 

"w- why are you in here?  Did I do something wrong? " she blurted out in a rush. 

" Tch are all demons like this? " Sebastian complained

Xinivrae tilted her head to the side,  her hair falling over he shoulder, 

" I'm not a demon,  so there's no need to be calling me that. " she stated 

Sebastian laughed at what she just said " you're ethier incredibly dumb or horrible at lying"

There was confusion in Xinivraes questioning stare,  the air around them soon got tense. 

"but in not lying I'm telling you the truth,  im not a demon Im a devil,  come on repeat after me D-E-V-I-L devil~"

Once agian the air around them goes tense,  well it never eased up,  the tensis in the air just grew stronger. A cold sweat goes down Sebastians back, he didn't know what to do..  Then he slowly but surely he remembered he had throwing crosses (if youre not sure what that is go to the bottom to find out and no its not like a ninja star)  in his jacket for emergencies,  he also had his Bible on him. 

sorry my chapters are going to be short for now on...  But whatever! 

First the underlined word...  Basically I wasn't to sure on how to spell it. 

Then throwing crosses is crosses you throw around a demon,   it paralizese their body,  the only control they have over it is their mouth. 


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