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Humane flaws are imperfect.

Human laws are outstandish.

The love for all is out of perfect fear. 

The overall is unconditional tears.

We done dumb and done wrong because we was scared.

I argued,we laugh and shed genuine care. 

What tear us down? Cold frustration. 

Because of the difference intelligent, there is less harmony.

When we should aim towards equAlity, we can go on to be humble.

White out the seldom strands of stupidity.

See a real trust tenderly.

Churning to perfection with our hands longingly.

I do no wrong by stand at your side.

I love way your open the mind.

Challenging all spectrum.

Ask all questions. 

I answered none with doubt. 

I Am charred.I am charged bright with your arc.

Better version of me sparks.

Butterflies illumanated this great escape.

I can only explained at such remains take.

Your my world a heart beat away.

If you wilting to not stay,please know i love you just the same.

I envy your wellbeing on my own fame.

I accept whats not the same and let my last be heard,

P.S. i  love you.



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