She Is My Maid. (Ep 1) Read Count : 10

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Sub Category : Drama
  • A beautiful day the sun seem shining very bright at that day.A girl with little brown hair, big blue eyes and with bright hope for good came out of door from where many passangers coming out.  her name is Bella and her frineds call her bell (she belongs to a poor family her mother indeed love her so much but her father was not good person he used to drink alcohol and in that case, he always beat her mother for money he always asked momey from her mother. she had come here to earn a lot of money so that she could get her mother out of a good place and start a good life. well this all was the introduction) well life is very difficult in new place so although she was not that alone because her friend who work  in a cafe . move  toward the lead male role of this story. he (john Dexter) is an singer plus actor and also with uncountable followers ohh its was his day off you can say it like day off bit actully he just returned back to his home and for his safty he has covered his face with big piece of clothes and big glasses he was standing in one side of the road talking with his director on phone he was so busy that he didn't get to know that vehicle coming toward him. in meanwhile,bella pushed him and save his life she got little scratch on her hand but she ignore it and stand up quickly but john's face uncover now because of falling down that clothes removed from his face. he also get up quickly and he thanked het for saving his life she replied "thats ok" and then out of proud he just say in pay back i allow you to take a selfie with me and after hearing this all she smile and said "who do u think are this is what you will pay back to me haha" he seem embrace now but when people get to know that famous superstar john Dexter is here they all run toward him and in no time there were so many people all around him and after this all bella look at john's face and now he was smiling haha guyz time is great because this gives you equal chance haha. anyway, a company called her that the driver is her for her so she shpuld be hurry.(she actully came here by a company who provides home-based peoples). she was in hurry so she leave quickly now she get in thr car and john get in his car.


  • very well done

    Dec 06, 2018

  • Dramatization could be more attractive. Hope, it will better in the next time. Good Luck...

    Dec 07, 2018

  • Ayesha  Rajpoot

    Ayesha Rajpoot

    i will try my best

    Dec 07, 2018

  • very nice

    Dec 07, 2018

  • Dec 20, 2018

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