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Chapter 2

Hated By Heaven

It's been about two weeks since Angela moved in with Saitama and Genos. When Angela's out, she always said she's going to work or she's going to meet a friend. What she doesn't tell is that her job is the same as their, been a hero. And her friend is her teacher, that helps Angela with some troubling times.

Angela is Class B hero, her hero is "Madame Angel." She daily summon her wings and fly over the cities, checking if there anyone in need. After flying for an hour she landed in a clear sidewalk. She started to walk around still checking if anything alright. Then Angela saw an red balloon, she then flew up and grabbed it. When she landed, Angela saw a little boy crying. Angela walked up to the small boy and tapped him on the shoulder.

"Is this yours?" She asks kindly showing a warm caring smile. The boy look at the balloon and cheered with joy. Angela return the balloon, but before she did. She tied the string of the balloon to cute blue rubber band and place it around the boy's wrist.

"There we go. Now it won't fly that easy from now on." The boy jumps up and down out of happiness knowing his balloon is back.

Angela just watched how the cheerful boy walks away with his balloon. Then heard an explosion from the distance. Then open up her wings and flew towards the raging smoke. When Angela got there, she can hear the screaming from the flaming building. Without hesitation Angela flew into the burning hole and save as much people as she can.

When the people were out the building safe and sound. Angela heard a loud shriek from the building, people were still inside. After that Angela ran in once again, even though the building was at edge of collapsing she still flew in there without the slightest of fear nor doubt.

After a minute it collapsed, and Angela didn't came out. As people surrounded the area, saying their thanks to her. Then they heard a rumble in the collapsed building, and burst out is Angela wings. With Angela and a group of children. Before the building could crush them, Angela use her wings to cover them and herself. Saving the children lives in result. As they walk out the rubble Angela notice a meteorite falling towards City Z.

"Genos! Saitama!" Angela cried.

She then rush her way the meteorite. But when she got there, the meteorite was destroyed by Saitama. And all its fragments scattered across the city. Angela then saw one of the fragments was going to hit this group of people. She flew in fornt of the fragment and push it back, while slowing it down until the fragment burn out. Angela repeated this action again, but sadly she could only save only 10% of the city.

After she was cared by a doctor she'd save from one of the meteorite fragment. She stand up and flew away to find Saitama and Genos. She flew and flew but she couldn't find them anywhere. Until she saw a huge crowd and Saitama, Angela wiped her tears and flew down towards Saitama and the angry mob.

"Give it up! Give it up! Give it up!" The people roared.

Angela then realized they were talking about Saitama, that was making her cry again. As she can't come to Saitama yet until the situation is solved. The tank top brothers faced Saitama but gave up immediately. Then Saitama started yelling at the people. Angela then noticed Genos walking up to Saitama talking. Then Angela wiped her tears again and flew towards Saitama and Genos yelling.

"Genos! Saitama! Your alright, I'm so relief. *Landed* I thought you two got hurt or worst. But it doesn't matter now because I know your okay." Genos was shocked seeing Angela with actual angel wings, Saitama was just surprised from rugged state.

Then Angela grabbed both of Saitama and Genos hands and gently spoke "Saitama... Genos... Let's go home, okay?" She said with the sweetest smile. And just like that they to walked home together, hand in hand.

It was midnight and Angela wide awake, a shadow crept up next to her. It chuckled while she sighed. Then her emerald eyes turn dark, as Angela turn her head to the shadow figure.

"Back again? For a demon, you really come here often." Angela said lazily.

"This coming from an angel." The demon chuckled.

"Shouldn't you be torturing the souls of sinners?" Angela mocked, the demon did a low growl.

"That remains me, don't forget our deal." The demon slyly said, glaring at Angela with bright red eyes.

"I know." Angela said gloomy.

"Your purity feathers for the ability to lie. Slowly you'll become a devil. But don't worry, heaven wouldn't want you back any way. Not after what you did. After your sin..."





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