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Chapter 9: Mike sid going back to london to see his family 

Mike sid going to in london and his family every surprise about him coming to london to see them. Mike sid says to his mom I miss my mom and I don't want leave my mom. His mother says why you leave us?

Mike sid says because I want to travel around the world to see new culture in middle east I mean Dubai. His mom understand why he left to continue his future in acting. His mom says are you marry someone Mike sid. Mike sid says yes, I am marry beautiful women in the world and why you not telling us about your marriage Mike sid. Mike sid says because I afraid to tell you in the phone and maybe you be surprise about my married mom. Mike sid says before we marry I went her family saying I want marry your daughter and she say yes and her family says yes we take the deal for marrying. Her family ask me about my family. Mike sid says I have a family my problem they are far away from Dubai. Her father says what they lives? Mike sid says they live in london city in England. The chapter 9 end here. Continue chapter 10 and the Last chapter of the story.


  • I am excited for the Last chapter of the story of fly to Dubai.

    Dec 06, 2018

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