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Chapter 8: Mike sid marrying/ birthday party / acting in the films 

The day come for marrying for Mike sid and Fatima, both is married right now and they excited about the marriage and both them same age like 21 age. Both them working in acting jobs and both win the award for best actor in the award event in 2018. Before they marry they are loving to be together for forever after. After marriage they went honey moon in Miami Beach and they have romantic day in the beach of Miami. They go around Miami city and they choose nice hotel in Miami next the beach. They love to be together in Miami city of Florida state in america. Mike sid says to Fatima how many you want to stay in Miami Beach with me. Fatima says yeah,  I will stay with you whole my life and I never forgot you my husband. Fatima says you want kids running around they say father. Mike sid says I am really enough to have kids say father. Fatima says I promise to be with you Mike sid. Both them  have good conversation about the future of there kids. Before last day in Miami city they have birthday party. The birthday for Mike sid turn 22 year old. They have first kid his name is Khalid Mike sid. Fatima so happy having a kid open alot light for happiness for both them. The last day in Miami and they go to back to Dubai with different ideas for the future. Mike sid taking a break from working in acting jobs. Mike sid take break for 4 week before going to the acting jobs. Mike sid going to act in new movie is about romantic life in Miami Beach. The movie call romantic day in Miami Beach. The Movie is the original of book call romantic day in Miami Beach. Mike sid company bay the book from Hollywood to do best movie in Dubai. The done for 9 mouths in the studio of Dubai. The chapter 8 end here and continue for next chapter.


  • I like my for this chapter.

    Dec 06, 2018

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