The Dodgy Tunnel Read Count : 4

Category : Stories

Sub Category : Suspense/Mystery

Once upon a time, there was a boy called Philip. 

One day, he was biking home from his friend's house until..

he saw someone putting leaves over something which he thought was dodgy, so he went to investigate after the dodgy person left. He removed the leaves to one side and he saw...

A big underground tunnel? He was so shocked he put his phone torch on and be headed into the tunnel.

when he was down in the tunnel everything went cold and it also reaked in there. He was so scared and to get rid of the smell he holded his nose, he went deeper and deeper into the tunnel where he saw...

lots of dead bodies...

After he saw them he got out of the tunnel as fast as he could, he almost tripped over his own feet when he was trying to get out of the tunnel.  He put the leaves back where he found them, after he did that he got on his bike and went as fast as he could to get home.

It was about 1 am before he got home.

When he got into his house,  his mum and dad was on the couch shivering with worries, so his parents asked him what took him so long so he old them about the tunnel and they were going to call the police tomorrow morning so they can come round to talk to him about what he saw.

Philip and his parents went to bed but he couldn't sleep he kept thinking about the tunnel and how it got there and why there is dead bodies in there?

He kept thinking to himself.

"What if the dodgy person saw him?"

he picked up his phone and decided to look tunnels up on the Internet and what he saw made his so surprised. Someone did a tunnel 10 miles from the other one, but the police have never catched the person who have been doing this!

He put his phone down on the bedside table and he layer down and within a few minutes he feel into a deep sleep.


  • Dec 06, 2018

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