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   Jim Acosta on Wednesday, was wrongfully suspended for blocking a female staffer from grabbing his microphone from him. This altercation happened during a press briefing, after asking Trump about the Mueller Probe. The first time Trump refused to answer, and the second time he claimed it as a hoax. The third time, without getting a definite answer about the new Attorney General's position, a female White House secretary got up from the audience. Chief proceeded towards Jim Acosta and tried to snatch the microphone from his hands. Jim Acosta, from CNN, blocked the woman's arm with his own shoving in his side mildly. Trump, immediately took advantage of this to demonize his political adversary. For behaving inappropriately with that staffer. The truth is, that staffer had no right to interfere with Jim Acosta, when questioning Trump. Trump's behaviour, was far worse than Jim, while questioning him. Jim is passionate about what he does, but it is not appropriate to suspend him in this instance.

   The White House staffer, interfered during a press briefing. Donald Trump, could have asked him to leave. Instead, Donald Trump proceeded to demonize the reporter. Using this as a politically-motivated attack, against his opponents. Today, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, released the doctored video to make the altercation look worse. In fact, that video also left out the moment Jim apologized to the female staffer. It is with great anger, I look upon this ordeal that occurred in the White House. Is this the kind of government we want? One that is unwilling to accept criticism, rather than simple say so. I do not always approve of Jim's mode of action. He is rather one of the more flamboyant reporters, but he's passionate about what he does. He reports whatever he does to the people, and this should be no exception. People need to realize, Trump is acting of War. He does not want peace among the American people. If Trump has the true courage, he would come forward and apologize to CNN and Jim Acosta. This altercation is due to his fault, all Trump needed to do was answer the question yes or no.


  • Nov 09, 2018

  • Nov 09, 2018

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