New Girl In A Rich Kid's School Read Count : 10

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(Cassidy walks in the hallway)

Cassidy: Wow this place is spectacular. There is the library and the canteen...

Ah here is my class...

(walks in)

Miss Waters: Ah you must be Cassidy the new girl. Ok everyone can I have your attention this is Cassidy. Would you like to introduce yourself...

Cassidy: Umm Hi my name is Cassidy I am from London. I am 13 and I like swimming, P.E., and Music.

Miss Waters: Ok thank you Cassidy now where to put you. Ah next to Romeo. Romeo is it alright if I place Cassidy beside you?

Romeo: Yeah sure go ahead I don't care.

Cassidy: Which book will we need miss?

Miss Waters: Your English book Cassidy.Now let us begin...

(end of lesson)

Cassidy: Ah all done.( picks up her bag)

Oh no I am late for music.( runs through the corridor)(bumps into Romeo)

Romeo: Hey watch where... Oh its you Cassidy right? You are heading to Music aren't you. Are you lost? Oh your hurt let me help? 

Cassidy: No I am fine...


  • Nov 09, 2018

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