Letting Go April 1990 Read Count : 13

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What is this thing about letting go
         they tell me I must do
Don’t they know what they’re really saying 
          I must forget about you
There’s no such thing as letting go
          it goes against the grain
In fact the opposite is true
          I must hold on or go insane 
It’s not that I don’t know your gone 
          I live that every day
It’s coming to terms not letting go
           that I look to find the way 
You live for me in many ways 
           it’s more I look to find 
 I face that challenge everyday 
           with a future cruel and kind 
 Most advice that’s given
           comes with intention pure
 But they have all their children 
           how can they be all so sure
 I’ve learned one valuable lesson 
            on this road low and high
 We are the real experts 
             so on We-we must rely



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