Puppet Capers. #9. Isaac And The Ram Read Count : 6

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Abraham: My Son we must go into the mountains.

Isaac: Must we make a sacrifice to God?

Abraham: Yes, I must make a special Sacrifice, one that God has demanded.

Isaac: But we take no Lamb?

Abraham: No my beloved Son, God has told me what I must sacrifice and he will keep his promises to me.

Isaac: Let us go gladly to the mountain as father and son to give God this special Sacrifice.

Abraham: God has truly blessed me with you my Son, you are all that I am, more costly to my heart than everything else I own.

Isaac: Father we have reached the site of the sacrifice.

Abraham: Yes my Son, now I must make the fire and the alter, then I must bind you and lay you on it.

Isaac: Am I the Sacrifice God asks for?

Abraham: Yes my Son. Now know that I love you but I love and trust in God more.

Isaac: Father those Angels, they bring a Ram?

Abraham: God is pleased that I would give back to him what he has given me, and as a reward for my obedience he provides a Ram instead.

Isaac: So we return home with God's favor?

Abraham: Yes my Son, Yes we do.

©Anthony Rout

Puppet Capers is a Short Puppet Script written for Two People to tell Biblical Stories in a non-conventional way.

To use this Content Please seek Permission First.


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