Puppet Capers. #8. Their Father's Sons Read Count : 4

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Eldest Daughter: Sister we have never known a Man, let us know our father and give him sons.

Youngest Daughter: Are you crazy he will never agree to that.

Eldest Daughter: So we get him drunk.

Youngest Daughter: I don't think it will work, but if you try first then he will not punish me if he finds out.

Eldest Daughter: Ok, let us get plenty of wine and allow him to drink himself asleep.

Youngest Daughter: I didn't see you in your bed last night? I feared father had cast you out.

Eldest Daughter: No I laid with father through the night, he didn't know it was me.

Youngest Daughter: I will do the same, we need more Wine.

Eldest Daughter: Did you do like I did?

Youngest Daughter: Yes and he didn't know it was me.

Eldest Daughter: We will give our father Lot, Sons for sure.

Youngest Daughter: Who should we say is the father of he asks?

Eldest Daughter: The men he called his Son-in-law's, I will call my Son Moab.

Youngest Daughter: I agree he will not know the truth. I will call my Son Ben-Ammi.

©Anthony Rout

Puppet Capers is a Short Puppet Script written for Two People to tell Biblical Stories in a non-conventional way.

To use this Content Please seek Permission First.


  • Nov 08, 2018

  • Nov 08, 2018

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