Puppet Capers. #7. A Lot Less Sodom Read Count : 2

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Angel 1: So this is Sodom?

Angel 2: Seems so, who is our Contact?

Angel 1: Lot, nephew of Abraham and his wife and two Daughters.

Angel 2: And beside them how many souls must we find worthy in the city?

Angel 1: Abraham managed to convince God that if we find ten souls worth to save, we cannot destroy the city.

Angel 2: just ten?

Angel 1: Yep, I expect we will be looking long into the night. Let us find... Oh look it's Lot.

Angel 2: This is a nice house Lot has, I wonder what the welcome party outside want?

Angel 1: Let's listen through the door.

Angel 2: Right that isn't happening and I don't think we'll find anyone after hearing that.

Angel 1: Sex with us... We don't even have the capacity for it, we're Angels.

Angel 2: They don't know that. Right let's get out of here before they break the door down.

Angel 1: Lot it's time to go, take your family from here, don't look back or you'll turn to salt.

Angel 2: 3... 2... 1... Boom! No more Sodom...

Angel 1: Oh no... Lot's Wife just turned around.

©Anthony Rout

Puppet Capers is a Short Puppet Script written for Two People to tell Biblical Stories in a non-conventional way.

To use this Content Please seek Permission First.


  • Nov 08, 2018

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