Puppet Capers. #6. Fathers Of Nations Read Count : 3

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Sarah: Servant girl, go sleep with my Husband and give him a Son so that he will be a Father to a Nation.

Hagar: Why do you ask this of me?

Sarah: For I am barren and the Lord God has promised my Husband a Son who will father a Nation.

Hagar: Mistress what you ask I have done and now carry the seed of a nation within me are you pleased?

Sarah: Yes and so is my Husband but God is not, yet he plans to keep his promise and make your son Ishmael the Father of a nation.

Hagar: But what of your own chances?

Sarah: I am old and barren but God declares I will bare a Son to Father a nation.

Hagar: Do not envy us now you know of your own Sons birth, Isaac. Will he be circumcised like his brother and Father?

Sarah: Yes, Abraham will do it when Isaac is eight days old, unlike Ishmael who was fifteen and his father at ninety nine.

Hagar: Why have you sent Abraham to cast us out?

Sarah: Your son is of age and able to look after you, your place among us is long passed. Go as commanded.

Hagar: Let the nation's our Sons father be forever enemies because of this action.

© Anthony Rout

Puppet Capers is a Short Puppet Script written for Two People to tell Biblical Stories in a non-conventional way.

To use this Content Please seek Permission First.


  • Nov 08, 2018

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