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It all started like a regular day for Dillon LeMay little did he know this was not going to be a regular day for him. He got up at four thirty like he always does for work.

"Damit didn't wake up on time for work again." He said with annoyance in his voice.

"Ugh looks like I'll have to skip my shower for the third week." 

As he was getting his clothes on his phone started to ring. He look at his phone and seen it was his secret lover was calling him.


"Hey Dillon what are you doing."

"Oh nothing Vanessa just getting ready for work."

"Boo I thought we could hang out."

"Well fuck me I'm sorry I have a life and like making money so I can spend it on you."

"What you spend your money on me since when."

"Never mind that Vanessa I really need to get going to work." 

"Ok ok fine just call me on your brake plz love you Dillon." 

"Ok I will bye."

That was weird I don't think she ment to say love you to me,but she did.

As Dillon got his shoes on and walked out the door and got in his best up 1998 Dodge Durango he seen the next door neighbors daughter out side sitting on the steps crying. He thought to him self maybe I should go see if she's ok. The again she is only 16 years old she might think it's weird that a 25 year old is asking her if she's ok she might take it the wrong way. Dillon got about 3 miles down the road when he seen a raid block up again.

"Oh my god now what this is defiantly going to make me late for work."

A police officer walks up to Dillons car and says 

"Good afternoon sir hate to do this to you but there has been a really bad accident here so you can't take the freeway."

"Is everything ok officer how bad is the.... but Dillon didn't get the rest of the word out before a man whom was presumed dead came back to life and started to ripping chunks of skin off the Emts face.

Dillon jumped out of his truck to help to poor guy but the police officer stopped him before he got to close l.

"Sir I'm going to need to step back let the officials handle this."

Dillon stepped back butthe cop wasn't doing anything about it so he pushed his way to the undead thing and got in between it and the man whom was now screaming in pain. Dillon glanced down at the man on the ground and seen one of his eyes were ripped out of its soket blood was covering the ground and was all over the man's white shirt. Dillon them looked back up in just enough time to see the thing attack him but he had just enough time to get out of the way. The undead thing then lunged at him again but this time knocked him on his back bouncing his head off the ground knocking him out. All Dillon could think as this was happening was. Great so this is how I'm going to die. 


  • Alexa Frank

    Alexa Frank

    thats some good writing

    Nov 08, 2018

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