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 Hey baby, how is it going?

Oh, my sweetie I'm doing fine but there is something missing.

What is that honey?

You are you silly(Giggles cutley)

Well I'm might be but I was smart enough to fall in love with you,although you took up all the space in my mind.

Oh, if they told me to wish for one thing that would be you to never leave my side.

Oh, Honey that isnt going to happen I'll always be on your side.

I know, okay have fun tonight baby, happy birthday(;, I love you.

Thanks baby, I love you too.

3 days later.

Welcome one and welcome all to the greatest feast ever

Love the nights  with you!

(Applause and cheers, protagonist in the middle)

We got DJ Summer, motivational talks and of course your favourite host:Chris Hipmas!


Feel:Well, we are sure going to have a blast!

Chris Hipmas:We also got something special for you tonight, for those of you who are away from the ones you love here in The Beautiful city Of Dreams,What you have to do is simple!

Just come up here and say What you feel about your sweetheart! And then a poem for him or her, Come on don't be shy!

F(feel):Well we are not shy at all!

Jumps to the stage and takes the mic 

Ch:wow, we have a daring one here today! My friend you must really love her,

F:She is the reason I have  a heart

(Intense applause and cheers)

Ch:Good for you that's the spirit!, Now then what would like to say about the lucky girl?

F:My love you are everything for me you are my sweetest lightning, you are my inspiration, I truly believe that I can acomplish things but even more when I'm with you, and I know I might act a bit silly ha ha and I know can be a bit lame sometimes but if there is one thing I don't know is to put limits for loving you simply cause there aren't any my sweetie, my cute  smile my baby;)

Love every moment that I share with you deep in my heart I can feel you, don't be afraid to rest in my hand my heart watches you and can see you,


(Deep silence for a minuteand then cheers and applauses that could break the sound)


Ch:oh geez(wipes his tears), whish I could have I love like yours.

F:Oh,but you can I will make sure of that.

On his way home from the great celebrations he opened his laptop on the train and Created a site in which everyone of every age could find a lover.

F:Hey honey I'm home.

Oh hey baby(Kisses him lovely)

How was your trip?

Oh,wasn't that fun I missed you a lot I wanted to see you again every moment away from you.

Really? Oh baby that is so sweet (kisses and hugs for another half an hour or so)

F:Well know what, there is a really great movie tonight wanna watch it together?

Of course. My love I love you

Love you too baby love you too.

(And of course they didn't watch a movie but the Confession Of feel in front of the crowd, and so they slept Together while hugging warm and lovely)

You probably wonder abour the name of the girl her name is Sunshine but that special someone in their lives is different for everyone, so go out there and find her/him.

The end.

I could bring all the stars together and shape them like a heart but they wouldn't be half the size of my feeling for you.


  • Nov 08, 2018

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