A Journey To The City With A Strange Situations Read Count : 4

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I am thessalony and I am fond of music. My dreams are to become a rock star ⭐I stay with my family and parents. 👪 One day I got to know that there is a concert  for the music in Mumbai. Anyway I like to visit Mumbai and my dreams are to join FAB5 (FAB5 IS NOTHING BUT A GROUP OF FAMOUS MUSICIANS) I thought of informing my parents and visit there. I got to know this news about to 12:00. There is no time to have a talk with my parents but the next day morning I asked my parents about this (concert) and they totally ignored me then I asked why they replied me that what about your studies but anyways I refused to run away from my house and visit Mumbai. I packed my things and reached there to Mumbai but I don't have any place to stay but I refused to line up there in the station. The next day morning, I went to the college where FAB5 is there. I just don't know that with whom should I make as my best friend but for the good sake I got to see a girl who is just new to the college like me. I just went there to her and made a friend and her name is NAVYA. I got to stay in her house but I felt little nervous and she also wanted to join FAB5 just like me. I totally forgot my parents I think they are woried 😕. After some sort of days I felt that Navya's parents were facing little difficulty and they able to free themselves with me and I am not the part of their family members. So I bookeda hotel for myself I got to stay there I took a individual house having a big garden behind my house but after some days later I got to here some strange sounds I don't what's that sound u was very scared. In the night when I was just chatting with my friends suddenly a strange sounds like a horrible girl smile and a sound of digging some where I was informing my friend what was happening on that time suddenly the lights turned off all the lights were falling down all cupboards were hit by something themselves all were breaking I just went and hiding behind the staircase after sometime it was little quite but there was still is coming of digging outside from my garden I was just walking towards my garden there was someone digging something. I called him from the far he turned and he was

This story is my journey of my imagination and my dreams. There are 3 parts in this story. The next part you are going to know about the digging person and his story and 3 part you are going to know about journey to the Mumbai and their parents 


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