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Shadows in the sky
Dust blotting out the sun
People left wondering why
Their lives feel like they have just begun
Perhaps the world has changed 
Twisted around and somehow caught 
Turned into a place deranged 
By people who think the best would somehow be wrought
The past should have been a lesson
The future somehow more clear
Yet, somehow the lessons were abandoned
To a world that’s far from sincere
It was a simpler time 
When honesty meant worth
And sadly this is what we are left with , this broken and tired earth.
Hope is all I hold for the future
Though it wanes more with each passing day
If only there were more I could do 
To add a better ending to this game we play 
Hope is all that’s left and hope is powerful yet still
However hope is not enough to make the future better for real
So let’s stop hoping for better things and make them real ourselves 
And truly find how deeply it can be that the human soul delves .


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