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A simple accord 
To get on board 
An agreement made that makes life stayed
A simple thing like a diamond ring
That locks down an unfamiliar yet extremely important thing
A simple glance and hope of romance
A life begun , so sudden and fleeting
Just like the sound of wedding bells ringing, so seemingly close to the day of that first meeting
Love is swift and love can be truly indescribable,
Making hearts beat fast , which is by some considered a felling that’s unreliable.
Whether a beautiful strength or a fleeting weakness that will soon pass,
A strong emotion 
Or something that simply can not last,
It’s devotion is something that at least
Can describe ;the very essence of the human beast,
Whether cold or empty in the spirits chase,
There is a reason that they call this the “human race”.
So let us not look unto our hearts in discontent
Simply because love has vanished and left us with only discontent.
Perhaps it is what makes this emotion more beautiful still,
The simplicity that makes it ; in the end, so hard to kill.


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