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Revelations are not always thing we wish to learn ,
The facts and fables once pondered are often things we would rather burn.
When feeling down or a bit confused the loneliness sets in,
I reach out to the few people who at this point in my life I have let in,
However; lately all I get from them is smug remarks and indifference about my current situation,
It’s as if we are just passing by each other and have no connection or relation
When inconveniences arise and people are forced to make a choice to contribute or stay mute,
It’s seems they would rather lose their voice than help those downtrodden or resolute.
Many times throughout my days , I have gone farther and done more than most say I should.
However, it is the feeling ; in my heart that if you knew my plight you also would. 
Presently, I sit and ponder how I was so blind
To think that others could do something selfless and choose to; without reward, be kind. 
I realize now, that a patsy I have been , the moral compass I have followed had outdated parts within.
Too late , I realize these seemingly loud shouts about mistakes , however; I don’t see my choices that way for isn’t that what living takes?
As bad as the world has become and what the past has brought , just remember my whispers and the secrets I have taught . With pain comes strength and sometimes that can be a true gift, even if it means realizing how big is the rift. Hear the sound of the voice that speaks to your heart as it flutters in the wind, it’s only then that you or I can find the strength to go on or even to begin.


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