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Thoughts are looming
As nightmares are blooming
Betrayal , anger, a horrible silence .
Thoughts are realing
The violent predator stealing
And pushing the horror past any precedence .
That’s the feeling 
That leaves me reeling
Holding on to the hope of recompense
However , I find myself looking for healing 
A way to cast the idea from my mind
That there is someone left to blame or pay for the consequence or the wish to rewind.
Sadly , no one person can dig into the depths of sorrow 
It is and endless pit;
Feeling true pain and despair is the reward we receive if we gain the ability to crawl from it . Through sadness we find strength, and through death ,eventually ; a reason to truly live, just as in anger and hatred, rises the reason that’s we learn to love and forgive .


  • Oct 11, 2018

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